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The challenge

The goal of the project is to make the website cleaner, more modern and create brand elements. The previous website was built on WordPress and needed an effortless and refreshed look.

The solution

I drew inspiration from minimal, colorful websites and my deep passion for skating. I implemented features from Against the Grain's previous web application and transformed them into new elements. I used accent colors and relied on the eye-catching typographic, which enhances the brand identity.


The impact & what I learned

This is an important project as it was my first UX project.
I worked with a small start-up company on the design of these websites. It was a remarkably valuable experience. The implementation of the new responsive site is successful and draws attention to important aspects, such as the vision of the founders behind the product. Moreover, it further builds upon the field of e-commerce. Working with the young start-up started this journey into the UX world.


September 2021

2 weeks


UX Designer, developing the brand concept and user flow for a better user experience.

  • Brand design

  • Paper & digital wireframes

  • Lo-fi & Hi-fi prototyping

  • Mock ups

  • Iteration on designs & responsive design

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