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Ahooei Design is your full-service agency, specialised in the development of automotive designs and other products. Operating from Zurich, Switzerland, being founded in Cologne, Germany and rooted in the Middle East, we offer experience, expertise and craftsmanship to global or national design projects. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive design vision and strategy or the creation of a specific design concept, we will support you to make it happen. We encourage a collaborative approach where you are a key contributor to the creative process. To keep our design concepts fresh, we have created a unique environment where experimentation and diversity are sown into our creative process.

Ahooei Design has a network and long-lasting collaborations with several well-established Designers from a diverse field of expertise.

Led by Zohreh Ahooei, founder of Ahooei Design, our team is renowned for its broad design experience throughout a variety of industries, cultures and backgrounds. Having been responsible for design projects on diverse products such as automotive, wallpapers or fashion apparel strongly underlines her all around ability to “dress” every kind of product. Her philosophy cycles around the fact, that the colours and materials of a product will sharpen and embrace its best perception and full beauty. She made a name for herself as an innovative and dynamic forward thinker, while her holistic view on a product development is the core of her design approach.


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